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Thoughts about Justice

29 Nov

Hi, and welcome to the blog.

I intend to use this blog as a way to organise my thoughts about, primarily, economic and political justice, and hopefully to write informative and entertaining articles about the subject. I’m interested in hearing the thoughts of any readers, and hope to hear from like-minded people. ┬áBy ‘like-minded people’ I just mean anyone who is as interested in questions about economic and political justice as I am.

For whatever reason I feel compelled to write a little bit about myself. I’ll just indulge the feeling.

As I’ve written in so many cover letters over the past two months, ‘I’m a recent graduate of Warwick University in English Literature, with a passion for (whatever).’ I’m currently unemployed in London, scrabbling desperately for some kind of work (just had an interview for a job as a waiter, can’t wait to put my degree to good use).

I’m really passionate about certain areas of philosophy, especially issues surrounding justice and inequality. I’m also largely uninformed about these issues, and would like to read as widely as possible on the area so I can get to grips with what seem to me to be the most important questions of our time.

People all over the world have strong opinions about inequality. Now more so than ever, given the rise of Occupy movements, and the public backlash against elements of the financial sector. This blog, broadly, will be about economic inequality. I’m going to try and look at it from both philosophical and economic perspectives. This is an enormous area to cover, and really what I’ll do is write about a specific issue which I’ve been looking at recently.

If you have an opinion on something I’ve written about, or advice on how to get a better understanding of an issue, please comment on a post!